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Sibiu 1861 ASTRA - "The Transylvanian Association for Romanian Literature and the Culture of the Romanian People" is founded in Sibiu

1867 "The Astra men" advocate the foundation of a "museum of significant items"

1897 The General Assembly in Medias decides the initiation of an action to build the edifice which will shelter the ASTRA Museum

1905 - August 19th - 28th, the Museum of the Association is inaugurated in the new Palace located in the Astra Park through a large "ethnographic and cultural-historical" exhibition

1940 Romulus Vuia suggests the foundation of an open-air Museum of the Astra Society in Dumbrava Sibiului

1950 The collections of the ASTRA Museum are divided between the history section, the art section and the natural sciences section of the Brukenthal Museum

1956 Cornel Irimie, a famous personality of the Romanian School of Sociology founded the folkloric art section

1963 the Museum of Folkloric Technique is inaugurated in Dumbrava Sibiului, in the spirit of the thematic conceived by Cornel Diaconovici for the ASTRA Museum and according to the concept of Romulus Vuia elaborated in 1940

1964 the name of the pavilion section changes into the Section of ethnography and folkloric art

1990 - February 7th, the minister of Culture (minister Andrei Plesu) approves the detaching of the "Museum of Folkloric Technique" from the "Museum Complex of Sibiu", and the construction of a new museum unit - the Museum of the Folkloric Civilization in Romania

1992 - December 26th, the Romanian Government, by means of Decision no. 811, homologated the name The "ASTRA" Museum of the Traditional Folkloric Civilization.

2004 the collections enriched, now totaling 46 314 items

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