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Sibiu The Zoological Garden in Sibiu is the first one in the country, opened in 1929 by the Electrical Company, at the initiative of a Hungarian engineer. The idea came to him after having found some foxes while working to repair the dam in a village near Sibiu.

After it was founded, the Zoo Garden in Sibiu received as donations several animals and birds - a wild cat, a she-wolf donated by Obert von Spiess on behalf of the king, a wolf donated by "Soimii" Association, an eagle, a Carpathian stag donated by the hunters in Talmacel, a wild boar and other animals. The first bear was donated in 1930.

Nowadays, the Zoological Garden in Sibiu spreads over a surface of 15 hectares and shelters 187 animals and birds belonging to 47 different species: monkeys, bears, white wolves, Carpathian wolves, foxes, tigers, lions, jaguars, puma, wild boars, lamas, Carpathian stags, pad deer, deer, white buffalo, pony, reticulated pitons, crocodiles, pheasants, parrots, peacocks, pigeons.

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